Command Staff

The Command Staff of the Alpha Fire Company is comprised of both elected and appointed positions. The elected line officers serve a one-year term (Assistant Chiefs) or a two-year term (Chief) and the appointed officers serve as long as they are appointed to the position.

The elected positions are as follows:

  • Fire Chief – Chief 5
  • First Assistant Chief – Chief 5-1
  • Second Assistant Chief – Chief 5-2

The appointed positions are as follows:

  • Health and Safety Officer – Safety 5-1
  • Engine Captain – Captain 5-1
  • Truck Captain – Captain 5-2
  • Rescue Captain – Captain 5-3
  • Engine Lieutenant – Lieutenant 5-1
  • Engine Lieutenant – Lieutenant 5-2
  • Engine Lieutenant – Lieutenant 5-3
  • Truck Lieutenant – Lieutenant 5-4
  • Rescue Lieutenant – Lieutenant 5-5

In addition to the elected and appointed line officers, the fire company also has a Fire Director and two assistant chiefs who are paid by the Centre Region Council of Governments and serve as part of the command staff. These positions are as follows:

  • Centre Region Fire Director – Chief 55
  • Assistant Chief, Field Services – Chief 55-1
  • Assistant Chief, Training – Chief 55-2

The Command Staff is responsible for all fire ground operations and any other responsibilities as assigned by the Chief. To assist the Command Staff, the Alpha Fire Company operates a command unit, designated as “Command 5.” This unit is equipped with radio communication systems, computers, and other aids for the Command Officer to successfully oversee an incident. The command unit is a 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe. The vehicle is rotated between the line officers as a rapid response unit, available on a 24 hour basis. When assigned to a particular line officer, that officer responds to all alarms, and assumes incident command, and all chief’s calls during their duty shift – typically a 24 hour period or throughout the weekend.

In addition, the Chief and Fire Director are given Chief’s Cars, designated as “Chief 5,” and “Chief 55,” respectively. Both are 2013 Ford Explorer Interceptors and are able to act in place of Command 5.

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