Truck Company

In contrast to engine company operations, the truck company relies on independent action by the assigned firefighters. Truck company members have additional training, experience and ability to perform their responsibilities without direct supervision or assistance. The Truck Company performs a myriad of tasks that, in conjunction with the Engine company, are critical to controlling and extinguishing a fire.

Chief among these tasks are locating the fires location and determining building layout and construction type, search and rescue, controlling utilities such as gas and electric services, ventilating the structure to remove smoke and superheated gasses, salvaging property to preclude further damage to the property, and conducting overhaul to ensure the fire has been completely extinguished.

In addition to the aerial device, each truck is equipped with ropes, stokes, and rigging for high-angle rescue, a variety of saws, forcible entry tools, RIT SCBA, PPV fan, salvage covers, electrical generator, SCBA and portable radio for all positions, thermal imaging camera, and salvage and overhaul supplies.

Truck 5-1

Truck 5-1 is a 2016 Pierce Velocity, 95-ft tower/ladder with a Cummins ISX-15, 55 horsepower motor coupled to an Allison EVS-4500 six speed transmission. The aerial is equipped with an integral waterway capable of flows up to 2000 GPM of water. The aerial platform has supplied breathing air and has a rated capacity of 1000 lbs. The aerial has an operating range of -8 degrees to 75 degrees. Truck 5-1 runs out of the Borough station.

Truck 5-2

Truck 5-2 is a 2009 Pierce/Baker on a Pierce Arrow Chassis.The aerial was completely refurbished with the 75 ft boom and platform harvested from the original 1975 Mack/Baker. This truck seats 6 and is powered by a Detroit Series 60, 515 horsepower motor. The integrated waterway will flow 1000 gpm and the platform is equipped with a breathing air system. Truck 517 runs out of the Patton Township Station.

Quint 5

Alpha operates a 2010 Pierce Arrow XT PUC, 75-ft Quint powered by a Detroit Series 60, 515 horsepower motor, which runs out of the College Township Station.This unit primarily operates as a rescue engine and is equipped similarly to the engines in the fleet. The pump is 1500 GPM with 500 gallons of water, 30 gallons of Class A foam, and 900 feet of 5-inch supply line. For drafting, this unit is equipped with a Turbo Draft appliance rather than traditional hard suction hose. The PUC style provides ample compartment space to accommodate the additional equipment desired for truck work such as forcible entry tools and ventilation fans, as well as ropes for rigging and additional ground ladders. If first arriving, the officer of this unit is empowered to position as a truck or engine based on conditions and needs.

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Join Alpha As We Celebrate 125 Years in Centre County

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