Rescue Company

The Alpha’s Rescue Company is primarily comprised of Rescue 5, however Engines 5-1 and 5-4 and Quint 5 are all equipped with hydraulic tools, basic vehicle stabilization, and fluid control equipment.

Rescue 5 is often referred to as the “big toolbox on wheels” since it is equipped with a wide variety of tools, ranging from common household implements to specialized vehicle stabilization and extrication equipment.

Rescue 5

Rescue 5 is a 2000 Spartan/Saulsbury medium/heavy rescue with seating for 8 powered by a Detroit Series 60, 370 horsepower motor. Each riding position includes a portable radio and SCBA. This unit is equipped with an Amkus Ultimate System and a variety of Amkus cutters, spreaders, and rams; front winch system, a large compliment of high pressure air bags, cribbing, numerous hand tools for disassembly of machinery and vehicles, rescue struts, hydraulic and mechanical jacks, pneumatic drills and chisels, Stokes, SKED, PetroGen cutting torch, SlicePak, circular and reciprocating saws, and numerous accessories and hand tools.
The unit carries a full compliment of equipment for confined space rescue and high angle rescue. Fireground and hazmat support includes a Night Scan light tower, RIT SCBA, on-board air cascade, spare SCBA cylinders, a PID, and the department’s air monitoring and radiation detectors. Rescue 518 runs out of the Borough Station.

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