Alpha Volunteer Firefighter Benefits Include Specialized Training & Professional Opportunities.

But It Is The Character You Will Build That Makes A Landmark Difference In Your Life.

We can talk to you at length about the free training Alpha’s receive across firefighting and emergency response procedures, plus light and heavy-duty equipment training. We can further bend your ear about the leadership skills you’ll develop, and the physical fitness you’ll enjoy, as part of our elite family of volunteer firefighters.

If it’s scholarship assistance you’re looking for, you’ll find that here as well. Plus an insurance package, access to our weight room and computer lab, free run of our state-of-the-art lounges, use of our laundry facilities, live-in-station opportunities, and more.

But what we can’t prepare you for is the fundamental change you’ll experience as you gradually become a member of a tight-knit professional organization. We are a truly difference-making local organization that is united regionally and nationally with firefighters, fire police and first responders in a unique brotherhood of service that lasts a lifetime.

Some Things Need To Be Experienced To Be Understood.

Though you can apply online to become an Alpha Fire Company Volunteer, we welcome and encourage an in-person visit to the station to meet our membership, tour our facility, and get a hands-on feel for what it takes to be an Alpha.

It isn’t for everyone. But that’s what makes it so special.

See if you have what it takes, and learn through our many training, life-skills and career development opportunities just how remarkable the benefits of being an Alpha Fire Company Volunteer really are.

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