The Live-In Program At The Alpha Volunteer Fire Company.

The Alpha Fire Company is located adjacent to The Pennsylvania State University and our proximity to Penn State provides the company an opportunity to take advantage of the large and service-minded student population on campus to provide increased duty staffing and reduced response times to emergencies within the Centre Region and surrounding communities.

In return for their service, selected students are afforded the opportunity to live at one of the Alpha Fire Company’s three fire stations, free of charge. The live-in members have access to a private bedroom, Wi-Fi, laundry room, kitchen, lounge, and an in-house gym. In addition to responding to fire calls, the live-in members perform daily and weekly firehouse chores and commit a specified number of 8 hour duty shifts per year.

The live in program, as an adjunct to our volunteer’s standby shifts and responses to calls from their residences and work, provides improved staffing and response times similar to, and often better than, communities served by career fire departments.

If you are interested in becoming a live-in member of the Alpha Fire Company and are either a full-time student or work full-time in the Centre Region, please contact us for more information at:

(814) 237-4127

Or, come visit us at:
400 West Beaver Avenue
State College, PA 16801

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