Alpha Fire Company: At The Heart Of The Centre Region Community.

With Stations In State College Borough and Sub-Stations In Patton & College Township, Alpha’s Are Everywhere!

You’ve seen us around town day or night, and heard about us visiting your children at school. We’ve been proud partners in parades and public events, and we are eager participants in community events across the region. And when emergencies happen, we’re the part of the community that races to the scene to help.

Part of the community.

Perhaps that, more than anything, defines the mission and purpose of the Alpha Fire Company. To be a real and active part of the community we also protect. We invite you to learn more about our stations, and browse our photo gallery and video gallery—even follow our Company on Facebook to keep current with recent calls and news.

Join Alpha As We Celebrate 125 Years in Centre County

Join Alpha As We Celebrate 125 Years in Centre County

Saturday, July 20th

10:00am – 3:00pm

200-300 block of South Allen

Activities for all ages!-Alpha Fire memorabilia-Fire safety demonstrations -Fire truck bucket rides-Antique fire engines-Food trucks-Kids activities (bounce house, games)-Live music, and more

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