2023 Personnel – Alpha Fire Company

Alpha’s Members are separated into a few general categories, including Firefighters, Fire Police, and Line Officers. Officers have various unique responsibilities that vary from officer to officer. Once you join Alpha as a Volunteer, you will become eligible for one — or several — of these positions, as your desire and determination allow. For example, a Line Officer can also be an Executive Officer, or perhaps part of a committee.

Did you know that becoming a member of the Fire Police within the Alpha Fire Company is different than becoming a Firefighter?

What’s most important for you to know is that each of our groups work together like fingers on a hand or gears in a transmission – as one unit – all working together to protect and serve the communities in which we live, work and raise our own families.

Line Officers: These are our Chiefs, Captains, Health & Safety Officer, and Lieutenants. They are responsible for leading our members in operations and training. Captains and Lieutenants are appointed by Chiefs after careful consideration that includes a peer review of qualifications, a written test, and an interview.

Fire Police Officers: The Fire Police are headed by a Captain and three Lieutenants. These officers are responsible for ensuring that all fire police earn the proper certifications and are properly trained in both traffic control as well as some exterior fire ground operations.

Executive Officers: These are veteran Alpha members who manage the administrative functions of the Company. Includes President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Financial Secretary.

Firemen’s Relief Association Officers: In charge of managing the State College Fireman’s Relief Association, a separate organization that provides for the welfare of our firefighters by funding insurance, training, and equipment.

Alpha Volunteer Fire Company Members: As our application demonstrates, there are all types of Alpha Members – local college students, residents, community leaders, business leaders and more. The best way to learn about how you can do more as an Alpha volunteer is to schedule a visit to our main station and talk to one of our members or officers.

Line Officers

  • Fire Director (Chief 55) – Shawn Kauffman (acting director)
  • Fire Chief (Chief 5) – Jason Troup
  • 1st Assistant Chief (Chief 5-1) – Buck Harpster
  • 2nd Assistant Chief (Chief 5-2) – Tony Berrena
  • Assistant Chief, Field Services (Chief 55-1) – Rusty Schreiner
  • Assistant Chief, Training (Chief 55-2) – Todd Johnson
  • Health & Safety Officer (Safety 5) – Svend Pedersen
  • Engine Captain (Capt. 5-1) – Chris Williams
  • Engine Lieutenant (Lt. 5-1) – Dan Kearney
  • Engine Lieutenant (Lt. 5-2) – James Pletcher
  • Engine Lieutenant (Lt. 5-3) – Claudia Rudisill
  • Truck Captain (Capt. 5-2) – Randy Clouser
  • Truck Lieutenant (Lt. 5-4) – Patrick McGinn
  • Rescue Captain (Capt. 5-3) – Rob Nese
  • Rescue Lieutenant (Lt. 5-5) – Vacant

Fire Police Officers

  • Fire Police Captain (Fire Police 5) – Marvin Robinson
  • Fire Police Lieutenant (Fire Police 5-1) – Ted Gabriel
  • Fire Police Lieutenant (Fire Police 5-2) – Joe Wirtz
  • Fire Police Lieutenant (Fire Police 5-3) – Don Stine

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Executive Officers

  • President – Svend Pedersen
  • Vice President – Chris Williams
  • Secretary – Brian Bittner
  • Treasurer – Ron Witmer
  • Financial Secretary – John Domico
  • Directors – Andy Richards, Matt Dale, Joe Wirtz

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Firemen’s Relief Association Officers

  • President – Ted Gabriel
  • Vice President – Rob Nese
  • Treasurer – Shawn Kauffman
  • Secretary – Vince Agresto
  • Directors – G. Steven Foster, Don Stine, James Pletcher

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Interested in learning more about becoming an Alpha Volunteer Firefighter or a member of the Alpha Fire Police? Learn more about becoming an Alpha!

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