Fire Police Are Firefighters And Policemen

The Alpha Fire Police serve an important role within the fire department. In effect, they act similar traditional policemen would when coming to the scene of an emergency. They risk their lives to provide traffic control and scene safety for the firefighters, and so much more.

Alpha Fire Police are volunteer members of the fire company who, based upon jurisdictional authority, receive sworn police powers and special training to support firefighting efforts at emergency incidents. They brave the harshest weather and put in long hours to ensure that emergency responders are kept safe. They are often the first on the scene, and the last to leave.

Alpha Fire Police Protect and Serve in Many Ways

Our Fire Police ensure that the scene of an incident remains safe for firefighters, emergency service workers, and members of the public by performing traffic and crowd control. They secure firefighting equipment at scenes and the three fire stations. Fire police are also exterior firefighters and may be called upon to perform these duties as necessary.

And finally, fire police assist local and state police with road closures, traffic control, crowd control, missing person searches, parade details, salvage, security, and other tasks as requested.

Traffic 5-1 and Traffic 5-2

Traffic 5-1 and Traffic 5-2 are the same. Each is a 2009 Ford/EJ Metals custom unit on the Ford Super Duty F350 chassis with the 6.4L Powerstroke diesel engine. They are equipped for vehicular and pedestrian traffic control and Fireground/Fire Marshal support.

Each unit has a Wilburt light tower, and TrafCon arrow board, a cache of traffic cones, traffic signs, portable scene lighting, an electrical generator, and a supply of tapes, hand lights, tools, and radios for use by Fire Police Officers. Each unit is equipped for trailer towing. One unit runs from the Borough Station while its identical other is issued to the Fire Police Duty Officer.

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